Mobile sync on slow connection


We have an app that when first time login should load about 10MB of data (it is user related so we can't include that in app distributive). Only happens first time app is loaded and later syncs only updated data.

However if connection is slow it can take up to 15 minutes to load all that data... I wonder if there a way to have data packed in zip archive that should be pretty small (considering all data is text) and extract and parse it on device? 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hi Mykola,

Well should be easy to find out the size reduction if you just try to zip the data on pc using normal zip tool.

That will give you a way to calculate expected improvement in data transmission duration.

Then you could try this component in your mobile device to unzip it.

Use the OutSystems Zip extention to create the zip on server side.



Not sure if it makes a big difference if you zip it.

The requests using the builtin server actions will already use gzip during transfer so you probably should try to understand if it really worth the effort to transfer a binary file (that will have an increased penalty of being transfered and converted to/from base64 adding an extra 33% on the size).

Can you check how much it is really transferring? You should be able to see it on on network tab in the browser debug pane when trying it on the pc browser.


João Rosado