We have the need to retrieve the actual binary contents of a file stored on Box.

The approach we are trying is:

  1. Use the Box API Download File request REST connection from the Box Connector, passing it the Box File Id. That returns a URL.
  2. Use an ardoHTTP GET using the URL to get the data, retaining it in a binary object.
  3. Put the contents of the binary object into the header of the POST request for the other service.

Is there a cleaner or better way than this?

When we attempted this we received a (very long) URL. When we used ardoHTTP to get the data via the URL we get a 200 return but no data.

Can you shed any light on this? Do we need to build a .Net component to do this?

Hi David,

If this is a Box Connector-specific question, please next time use the appropriate subforum of the component. That said, I'm not sure what cleaner way you want. If the Box interface returns a URL instead of the file binary, you indeed need to get the file at that location. The only thing I wouldn't do is put Binary Data in the header of a POST request - why not use the body?

Have you checked what happens if you put the URL in the browser? If the content is still empty, perhaps the file itself is empty?