NUllDate is not a Mummy - why not provide both?

hi there,

Once, in my bank project, i consume a REST with a request which one of its attribute is birthdate of type Date and it is sent as '1900-01-01 00:00:00.' and the legacy exposed REST raised an exception, then they tell us something like this.."Hi, if your birthdate is null do not send me 1900-..., are you a mummy?".

Another scenario, in other multifinance project, when doing integration with legacy system, there is an IT risk when i migrate data from Outsystems tables to the legacy tables, especially for paid date column. The legacy system considered not null (null in common sense database) as 'a contract has been paid', unfortunately it is filled with that mummy date '1900-..'..and all the contracts now seen as have been paid.. it is an IT risk exposure of giving nulldate as '1900-'.

So, imho, if it is reasonable to have current nulldate '1900--' and on the other hand there is a potential risk exposure, why not Outsystems provide both styles and user can choose which one to prefer.

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I've never liked the idea of using 1900-01-01 as a null date in the first place. it is a valid date and jsut becasue it is over 100 years ago doesn't mean that nobody will ever want to use it.