I've a question regarding the CSS MobilePatterns (BaseTHeme).

Underneath you can see how I build the page. On my image there is an opacity of 0.5.

The problem I have is with 

.list img {
   animation: img-fade 2000ms ease 0ms 1 normal none running;

This part gives an animation of my image in the list. I want to get rid of this animation, but I can't change the BaseTheme-CSS. 

Does someone have a solution?

Hello Martin Rozeboom

Can you confirm that your "CategoryList" list has the property Animate Items set to false?

Thank you


Ruben Bonito

Hi Martin,

Regardless of the perhaps better answer of Ruben (I'm not familiar with the specific component), you can always override the Base Theme with your own CSS (either in a derived Theme or in the specific Screen's or Block's CSS).