How to set timeout for each SOAP method using configuration

Hello All,

Is it possible to set timeout for each SOAP method using configuration or make it configurable in running version without deploying new one? It is possible to hard code timeout value for each SOAP method by setting "Timeout in Seconds" property of the method using Service Studio, but I need to change it on running application.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Mikheil,

You cannot, the timeout currently needs to be a design time decision.

What is your use case? I suggest adding an idea with it as well.

João Rosado

Hi João Rosado,

Thank you for replay and sorry for late response.

Actually timeouts are set with particular value depending on web service response time during application design and practically are changed very rarely. The case is to adjust timeout value at runtime for some critical services when not standard situation occurs. For example such situation is when some external web service experiences performance degradation by cause of increased load on it, therefore response time exceeds specified timeout and timeout error happens. But since service is critical process can not be continued and only way is to wait while service will stabilize. In such case it will be good to have possibility increase timeout value at runtime.


Michael Osipov