how to identify the internal id of an entity in OutSystems ?

Hi guys.

I want to know the id of an entity in the internal table of OutSystems. Someone knows how can I do that ?  Below the picture of my research where I didn't get results.  I found the Asset in the Entity, however I didn't find any internal relationship between them.

Thanks in advance for any feedback

Hi Luciano,

Please try below sql 

Select * from ossys_entity where name like '%Asset%' and IsActive =1



Hi Luciano, 

Like Shashi said, the name of the entity is the link. Please also include the Espace_Id in the query, since entities can have the same name in different espaces. 




Beware it's not always the id, but the SS_Key that is the reference.

thank you all guys

I have tried to execute the same query and prompt the below error. Please advise

Hi Jessica.

You can reference the Entity entity from System module to view its data.

PS: Be aware that after adding an entity reference you have to publish first so you can see its content.

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