Using IndoorAtlas SDK in OutSystems

Dear community,

I tried to use the IndoorAtlas SDK cordova plugin in OutSystems mobile apps. However, building the APK did not succeed in Service Studio. I used the following cordova plugin: . The corresponding error log in Service Center is as follows:


[2018-11-29T14:17:20.109Z] [INFO] Applying application preferences...
[2018-11-29T14:17:20.109Z] [INFO] Applying application accessList...
[2018-11-29T14:17:20.109Z] [INFO] Adding target platform...
[2018-11-29T14:17:44.307Z] [INFO] Applying plugins in the config.xml file...
[2018-11-29T14:17:44.309Z] [INFO] Plugin Action: add
[2018-11-29T14:17:49.047Z] [INFO] Getting signing keys...
[2018-11-29T14:17:49.114Z] [INFO] Building application package...
[2018-11-29T14:18:26.405Z] [ERROR] Stopping Daemon(s)

1 Daemon stopped

> Configure project :
Configuration 'compile' in project ':' is deprecated. Use 'implementation' instead.

> Configure project :CordovaLib
publishNonDefault is deprecated and has no effect anymore. All variants are now published.

> Task :help

Welcome to Gradle 4.9.

To run a build, run gradle <task> ...

To see a list of available tasks, run
gradle tasks


It seems like OutSystems forces a higher Gradle version number than is supported in the Cordova plugin. Is there a way to change that behaviour? Is maybe another problem going on?

Kind regards, Jonathan Seesink