I want to use local data in screen preparation instead of getDataApi so that it can work offline. Offline sync is already in this. Is it possible?

Hi Priyanka Darokar,

What do you mean by "getDataApi", I do not recognize this API. And what sync process do you have implemented?

Hello Priyanka,

Not sure I understood.

You mention local data and preparation. Local Data exists only in MOBILE modules.
Preparation exists only in WEB modules.

So, you simply "can't" use "local data" in a screen preparation.

If you are working with a mobile application that has a web application backoffice, for example, you can synchronize your mobile data with server entities and thus use this data, AFTER synchronization in your web application, but the synchronization is always started by the mobile application.

What exactly are you trying to do?

And sorry for my ignorance, but what is this getDataAPI you mention? 


Hi Priyanka,

In Mobile Apps there is different concept of using data in screen preparation.

By doing following you will be able to fetch data from local storage considered as screen preparation data.
1) Right click on screen and select "Fetch Data From Local Storage". Then select required tables to create your local storage aggregate.
2) That aggregate will first load the data and then your screen will be rendered. So you can use that data in your screen. You can also use OnAfterFetch action of screen aggregates. So it will perform your tasks after loading your data and then your screen will be rendered.

Check following images.
I have taken example of Employees local database. 

Let me know if you need any more information on this.

Palak Patel

GetDataApi is use to get data from external resource. Preparation means action to fetch data from other resources. So in that action I used GetDataApi to load updated data in screen. There are no database entities, Only Local entities are present. I want to replace that GetDataApi by local entity/data. So that application can be access offline and api calls will reduces.

Priyanka Darokar,

You need to get the data from the API, when you are online, to store in your local entities. Design your entities and configure your sync process. I'd suggest to see the mobile course of OutSystems: