Tried to follow the steps for setting up the release task for OutSystems in AzureDevOps, but when I get to the step of verifying the service connection, the link cannot be verified.  I assume it is because OutSystems is deployed on our internal network, and not exposed to the outside (assumption... so feel free to correct that if necessary).  Assuming that to be true, though, that means I have to expose the lifetime services API, which means I'd like to constraint which IP Addresses can submit requests, to only Azure DevOps IP addresses.  I did some research, and for Azure DevOps, the best I can come up with is that I can constrain the IP Addresses that can submit requests to lifetime services to... (queue scary music)... every single public ip address for the azure data center hosting our Azure DevOps org!!!  That means every server hosted in that datacenter is capable of taking a shot at our lifetime services API.  Maybe that isn't as scary as I think it is, but I am hopeful that you know a more secure solution, or that my assumption about how I have to set this up is incorrect.  Thank you for your consideration and advice.