Hi everyone,

I have created a web screen and have a form.

May I ask if it could be set as if more then 10 fields will automatically show in 2 columns,

and also the field which I am editing can change a different colour?

Thank you

Hi Eva,

 Can you explain a bit more what you are looking for? You can costumize the design (postions, columns, etc) by "playing" with the containers and apply some css. The same thing goes for your second question, you can change the color of the input that is currenctly active(being edited) by applying some css.

Here you have one basic CSS example regarding what you are looking for.


Diogo Romero

Hi Eva,

What i am understanding is you want to show columns dynamically, for that you need to put all the fields in design, and in extended property of cells use if condition (style = "display:none").

Hope this helps.



Hi Eva,

As per my understanding plate form not providing such xontrol but you can handle using CSS as per your logic



Thanks everyone, 

Maybe I explain it clearly,  in my web screen i have create a form, in the form it's contain many attribute entities, but not all of it will use at the same times (For example when I choose "A" the first 3 attribute entities will be show, choose "B" 2 and 3 attributes will show)