I am currently using the Lisbon theme which so happens to have a placeholder for a sidebar. I have populated the side bar and created an action that should display a the sidebar on on click. On the debugger, the Boolean value is changing on click but the sidebar is not showing up on the web browser. On the documentation there is supposedly an action called toggle side bar [https://www.outsystems.com/outsystems-ui/patterns/web/Sidebar] but I have not been able to find it even after refreshing dependencies with the web patterns. I would appreciate any help regarding this issue.

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Are you using ajax refresh to refresh the part of the screen that contains the sidebar?

Hi Elvis,

The "toggle side bar" is for OutsystemsUI. Lisbon is from SilkUI (it's for that that it don't appears). Did you try what Sam wrote? You need to use Ajax Refresh selecting the side bar widget.

Hope this can help you.

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