Hello all,

I would like to know if you could help me.

The situation is: I´m building an mobile app and I want to add a feature to backup the information (I´m using local storage).

Till now I was able to export all information and save it into a CSV file as following:

First I inserted a first row, with a header, in a variable called FileContent. After I retrieved all rows from the entity, and with a loop, added it to the same variable. I used NewLine() at the end of each loop to add a new row. Then I converted the FileContent variable to binary, saved the file locally and finally I used I plugin to "share" the file, so I could choose where I would like to send the file.

Plugins I´m using:

  • SocialSharingPlugin
  • FilePlugin
  • BinaryData

My doubts now are:

  1. When I use NewLine() at the end of each line, it adds a blank row and then jumps to the next line. Is there a way to avoid this black line?
  2. How is the best way to import the file inside the application? I mean, the technical part, when I have the file inside the application, okay, but how to have the import file inside the application, if I need to restore a backup?

Thank you!!!

What if you serialise it into Json and write it that way?