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is it possible to deactivate the logging of an exposed REST API completely?

We are using in our company Publish Subscribe Messaging to integrate between systems that should be loosely coupled. Also in our Outsystems environment we implemented it as REST API exposed by an Outsystems application where a Message Queue Client is putting messages at, when receiving this messages from the source system. That also works fine, but we have one thing that is really annoying. At specific moments we get houndreds of thousends of messages from the source system and for every single message log entries are created in the DB. That is polluting the database, slowing down the integration process and next to that is completely unnecessary because no one is every looking at the logs if it is not an error. And errors (a non 200 response) are also saved in an central monitoring system.

So we would like to completely deactivate all logs for these types of exposed APIs on the Outsystems platform, but we can't find where this is possible.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi Oliver,

I don't think that's possible, but I'd advise you to contact OutSystems Support for this. (And nice to read that your system can handle 100,000s of messages! :))



You cannot turn it off on the integration level, but you can disable the activity monitoring for a module from the Operation tab of the module in ServiceCenter. These rules apply for the module that the name appears on the URL (/ModuleName/rest/...).

That disables all screen, extension, integrations, ..., from the module while still giving you the errors.

Not sure how is your architecture or what else you have on your module that you need activity monitoring, but you have an isolated module just for your integration it is probably a good solution.

Just curious why you say that it delays the integration, logs should have a minor impact on applications since they are always logged asynchronous. Do you have evidences of a performance penalty? If yes, on what version? (Since the logging system was mostly redone for O11)


João Rosado


That indeed was the solution I was looking for! :)

Thank you very much João!

It is an application purely with exposed, consumed REST APIs and Timers - without any screens or BPTs. So the errors are everything we need.

We are still running on an older platform Version 10.0 and the performance impact was on one hand that the tablespace was reaching its limits because of the logs and we were running a load test that showed 3x faster message processing (including quite some db lookups for foreign keys based on external identifiers) when the logging process was not running (due to no more tablespace). Might be that the logging has no influence on the DB response times in the newer versions or when you don't have that many db calls in the processing of incoming requests, but we didn't tested it in detail.

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