How open few tabs in Service Studio for one module?

Good day.

Is it possible in the ServiceStudio to open multiple tabs for one module? Is it possible open every action in a new tab?

I was looking for this opportunity in the settings and information on the forum and documentation, but I did not find anything.

Hi Yuriy,

If you have one module open in a tab you go to the Development Tab and open again the same module. You stay with two tabs for the same module. Is that that you want?

Hope this can help you.

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Ricardo Pereira, thank y.

But if I open the tabs in this way, there will be no synchronization between them. If I make changes in one tab, the second will not know about it until I publish it.

I want to get what other IDE (VS Code, Intellij IDEA, Visual Studio) represent when I can open several files within one project and edit them. Can I achieve this in the OutSystems Service Studio?

Why would you even want that?

Banal convenience of development. For example, I want to work simultaneously with few actions.


Propose it as a new Idea


Thank y for answer :)