[Google AdMob Plugin] App doesn't load after installing .apk

[Google AdMob Plugin] App doesn't load after installing .apk

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Published on 2017-04-28 by Miguel 'Kelter' Antunes
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Published on 2017-04-28 by Miguel 'Kelter' Antunes

Hi Miguel!
I've been trying to use your component, but I'm having some issues.
When I use it ( I think, I've done it correctly, since I'm doing it as shown on an example .oml you have posted) , I'm not being able to launch the app. After I generate on ServiceStudio and instaling the .apk on mobile, it closes immediatelly after pressing the app icon.
Do you have any advice or suggestion?

Thanks on advance, keep the good job!
Edu Baixo

Hi Edu,

what version of Android are you using? And are you using any other plugin in that application?


Hi Miguel, thanks for your reply!
I'm running Android 8.1 Oreo on a Huawei P20 Pro.
Yes, I've some other plugins on the app such as Image Cropper. But I've been trying some approaches, and I am not sure if it's related, because I even tried to generate one of the OS Customer Template Apps, and when I generated the app with the AdMob plugin, it had the same behavior of force closing. But if I remove the plugin the app would launch normally. I've implemented the plugin the same way it was on one of your apps: the Music Pad.

I hope the info is useful, feel free to ask anymore questions ;)