Application vs Independent Modules Question


I was doing a routine check in our applications and noticed we have a difference in our environments.

In the DEV environment, all of our eSpaces are inside an application ( which I assume is correct )

In our QL and PD environments, we have the eSpaces in the independent modules.

Between comparisons and merges, I never noticed that there is a problem, since we are comparing/merging eSpaces,

but my question is: what is the real impact of having these eSpaces organized in a different way? 

Besides organization, is there any other advantages? Like in terms of performance for example?

Thanks a lot in advance for taking time to read,


Applications and solutions are a way to organize modules. Independent Modules is a grey area where general components lay.

Not only applications ease the tasks of seeing what is related to each project, it also allows you to manage permissions and having different teams working on different projects without messing (or even knowing) what the others are doing.

Hi Vincent Colpa,

eSpaces used by an application, maybe should not be an independent module. I'd say the first real impact is regarding code organization.

Also, see here some tips about why that could happen:


Hi guys,

Thank you both for the answers and link, I will take a deeper look and probably will put everything inside in an application and will read a bit more about that

thank you so much once again.