We have integrated the app feedback tool into our JIRA instance such that JIRA tickets are autocratically created in our backlog when a user provides feedback via the app feedback tool. I am looking for some best practices around this integration. For example:

1. Adjudication process - when a backlog item is auto created in JIRA, how do folks generally move it from user feedback into some sort of adjudication that either accepts the feedback and promotes it to a bug/change/user story or declines the feedback. If declined - what happens to the backlog item?

2. Tips for how to best use the feedback in the app feedback tool for when JIRA is our main working space. Examples: When do we delete the tickets in the app feedback system or set them to closed? Do folks simple copy over the data from the app feedback (scren images and user comments) and then auto-close the feedback? Do you keep both a JIRA ticket and the app feedback ticket open - and if so how do you orchestrate that as part of your backlog process?

We also integrate the feedback into Jira, in our case we have an added complexity in that our Clients need to have a say in the review and prioritisation of the tickets and we have about 20 different applications to maintain at once. This is how we manage it.

  • We create a separate project in Jira for feedback on each application
  • We setup the Jira feedback system so that we can define an application to Jira project link allowing each (or a group) of applications to post to specific Jira projects
  • Jira feedback projects have 4 possible status, New (default status), In review (client is reviewing it), Approved (client has approved it) and In QA (We have finished the work and client can test)
  • The client has access to the Jira feedback project and reviews the tickets moving anything they agree with doing to the Approved stage and setting the priority order. They close duplicates or things they don't want done.
  • Each sprint we review the tickets set to Approved and if we agree we clone these to our main development Jira project (so the clients don’t see all our internal workings) and keep it linked to the original ticket. Or we close the ticket of we don’t agree to do the work and give the client feedback
  • Once we complete the work we progress the original ticket to QA and allow the client to test
  • Once testing is finished we close the tickets.

The cloning and subsequent updates do add a manual step but let us have better control in the development sprint.