Found this component by henrique-batista named In-App Notifications Web which utilizes Firebase Notifications. Not sure if this is the best tool for this one but since utilizes Firebase, it should be ok.

I'm just confused where to get the parameters for these properties as the Guide was very vague and seems out of date as well. It was not also mentioned how to properly test this:

Also, is this the best tool for this job? I'm making an Outsystems app that has notifications when I receive an email from somebody.

Any links or guide to steer me in the right direction helps.

Hi Helios,

The in-App Notifications Web isn't my component, my component is called Web Notifications.

Yes, it is a little outdated on the instructions, I'll fix it and push a new version here.

In the meanwhile you can find an example on the homepage of the component. You have the subscription and the pushing of notifications there.

Let me know if you want further help.