I was wondering if there is a multi select filter widget which does not slow down for large data sets. I am currently using the "select 2" multi select filter but it slows down for dropdowns that has 1000+ records. Is there another way someone has tried to approach this previously? Would really appreciate your help!

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Hi Archit!
It's not a good idea to have 1000+ records in a dropdown. In this case I recommend to use a popup selection where you can show all data, with pagination, filters and so on, and then return the selected records using notify.


Hi Archit,

I suggest following Telmo scenario or instead of select2 use autocomplete from richwidgets?



Hi Archit Yadav,

Agreed with Marcelo Ferreira suggestion . Also I would like to add that you search for the respective result only if the user had typed at-least 3 characters. It will decrease the search time and will be better in terms of performance .

Please go thought the link below to know more about autocomplete 


Happy Coding :)

Thank you all for your suggestions! I reckon for a big filter like this having a popup selection is the way to go as it also allows me to multiselect if needed :)

Alternatively, you can use the Chosen component from forge which can fulfill your requirement as an alternative to Select2 as Select2 is not designed for large data sets.