Hi all,

I have a problem. 

I made a process to send an email whenever a certain entity is created. I've tested it and it worked. Emails got send etc. Now today I noticed that the last I did get an email from my web app was Thursday last week. I checked and noticed that my process which was set to automatically run whenever the entity gets created didn't seem to work.

I have then removed the automatic run and threw the LaunchProcess action in the flow which creates the entity. Still didn't work. I set a breakpoint on the entry point into the process flow and sure enough the debugger started running when the process did. I though, "hmm, looks good". When I tried to step to the next node though, the process stopped again. I couldn't continue to step forward as all the buttons were greyed out.

I then looked into my process monitor and noticed that the processes which I started were there and they were active yet they didn't continue. They didn't send any emails even though the process did not change at all.

The wait in the middle closes on UpdateEntity but the process already stops before that.


Didi you check your server resources? The server has enough disk space? Lack of memory? High CPU % being used frequently?

Lack of server resouces could cause strange behaviours and the things just stop working. BPT demands lot of database.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am using the OutSystems cloud environment for the application. Also, I am on version Could it be that there was an update recently?