can I iframe outsystems web app to other website not on outsystems

I have a website using wordpress and i want to embed iframe outsystems web to my wordpress website, can I do that? when I iframe using <iframe src="" width="100%" height="1000"></iframe> on my wordpress web show show refused to connect. any idea or suggestion?


I would say that your OutSystems web site is configured to not allow iFraming outside the domain of the application.

If I am not wrong, this is a CSP Policy configuration. You can take a look here:


Had a chat with a Outsystems partner who directly said that this is possible and they've done it to one of their customers. Don't know then if it were Iframes or something else. Have you figured out a solution hence the post here 1 year back?

I have basically the same case in my task list: to embed outsystems based app under CMS UI framework so that the UX would be seamless. Don't yet how to get there in practice

Hello Henri,

We didn't say this is not possible ;) 

What was said is that for you to use another site embedded in an iFrame placed on your own, the other website needs to be configured to allow this, then the link to the CSP configuration, as I think that is the place where you define which domains can request content from your applications.

This type of security measure allows the site to avoid being used by third party sites without permission, for example, to avoid, fishing, etc.