How to open .msg files in application


Use case: 

In our mobile application, the end user allowed to click open the different type of attachment files and they are allowed to view such files in the application itself.

We have achieved the requirement for most of the files of type: pdf, txt, jpg, png, jpeg, xlx, doc. Now we need to open .msg and .eml files.

Methods adopted:

1. Tried to open within iframe.

2. Used File Viewer plugin.

3. Tried to open the file in browser using InAppBrowser plugin, but this method is not responsive for IOS devices.

4. Had a code reference with Email content plugin. But it is a web plugin, so we are unable to replicate most of the steps.

Kindly help us to get the solution or suggest a proper plugin to achieve this requirement.

You may find the sample file in attachment.


Vignesh Balasubramanian

Hi Vignesh,

I never tried something like that, but for what I saw in NPN I think that you can try this:

Like I said, I never tried. But hope that this can help you.