I have been assigned with role  as an Infra Admin in outsystems service studio. Tried to access users page with default outsystems credentials but evrytime i received authentication failed message. 

Even i tried with default admin / admin credentials still m not able to login.

which type of admin required to login to users screen.


you need the SuperUsers to access the default user management

glad to help

Hi Nihal,

Outsystems and the Users applications user different user repositories.  You can certainly establish a user in both with the same username/password, they just won't automatically sync up.

The default in the cloud is just admin/admin.  If the password hasn't been changed, you can try that.  Otherwise, you will need to sign in just as you would to any of your actual applications on OutSystems, as long as you have the UserManager role from the Users application granted to you.

If that doesn't work, and if your company's Infrastructure Admin does not know the password they used, I recommend having them reset it, possibly with a support ticket if needed.