How to control what columns to show in a list on a screen

So I have an input parameter of a web block that gets a list of entity from parent.

I want to choose what columns to show in the list without affecting what's actually fetched in the data. 

What are the suggested ways to do?

HI Stephen,

Take a look in this forge component , it may help you achieving what you are looking for. 



Hi Stephen Li,

You can add an Extended Property to the columns you want to hide, both in the header cell and in the body cell of the respective column, with style = display:none based on a certain condition. Something like this:

Furthermore, to make sure that the user doesn't see anything even if he changes the style property that you set, you should also enclose the content of the column cells in an If with the same condition. Something like this:

Hope this helps.

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Instead of "style = display:none" use "class = Hidden"

Thank you very much for all your advises. I eventually figured out I just do the mouse clicking on the table to delete, add columns and put in the expressions to get the current row field. I didn't know this is just that simple.