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Published on 2 Oct by José Galter
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Published on 2 Oct by José Galter

Does the BulkInsert support external DB (Oracle)?

I'm trying to use BulkInsert for the External DB table, but I get a "table or view does not exist" error and I can not insert records.
If BulkInsert supports external DB, could you tell me how to use it?

[Additional Information]
I set the External DB physical table name to the TableName attribute of the action "BulkInsert".

Hi Kenji,

Right now this isn't prepared to use external database. You would need to change the component to use a different db connection and the way we construct the data to insert in the DB



Hi Marcelo

Thank you for your response.
Oh, it’s a shame that  BulkInsert isn't prepared to use external DB.

Do you have a plan to be able to use BulkInsert for External DB in the future?


I just wanted to update this topic, since José Galter has recently added support for external databases to this component,