[Google Maps] What is the correct format for (Dutch) Addresses in Google Maps Mobile component

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Published on 2019-08-06 by Labs
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Published on 2019-08-06 by Labs


I'm trying to show a location using an address with the google maps mobile forge component. If an address is specified, it is supposed to override the input Latitude / Longitude (even though I'm not sure about that, see below). Untill now I haven't been able to show the correct location using an address as input.

I would like to show a Dutch address. For testing purposes I tried US addresses as well, but I didn't manage to show them correctly either.

One of the attempts I tried as input (for Dutch address) was: "<HousNo><HouseNoSuffix> <Streetname>, <City>, <PostalCode>, <CountryCode>".

In the code of the GoogleMapsMobile component, in the AddMarker client action, the Marker is added by coordinates if the coordinates are valid. Am I misinterpreting something incorrectly? Or deviates the description of Address Input of SingleLocationMap block from what is executed in the code in SetMarker client action (at the same block).

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I notice that I've placed the question under the wrong component. My question is regarding [Google Maps Mobile].