No access to Outsystems 10 project after migration Server plattform to Out Systems 11

I'd developed a app in Out Systems 11. A few days ago I got the e-mail,that the project "" is migrated to Outsystems 11.

When I try to login in Service studio 10 I get the following error

"This version of Service Studio (10.0.907.0) is not compatible with the selected Platform Server ("

When I try to open my cloud url in the Browser the error page 403 Forbidden Access denied is displayed

I try to open my cloud project in Service Studio 11. But I get there  also an error


Is there an bug with migration projects?

Kind regards Jens

Hi Jen's,

Check the status of your environment in this page. But anyway I think you need to open a support case with Outsystems.



Hi Jens,

That error is shown if you try to connect with a version 10 Service Studio to a version 11 Platform Server (like it says). Since your PE is converted to P11, you need a P11 version of Service Studio to connect to it.

As for the error you get with SS 11, when do you get that error? Directly upon connecting, or after selecting a module to open (note that SS doesn't know "projects", just Applications and Modules).