Current version of the Service Studio is in my machine.

But when I try to open a solution developed previously, I get a compatibility issue 

Error: Service Studio (  is not compatible with the selected Platform Server (10.0.823.0)

Is there a solution to this other than down grading the Service Studio?

PS: I could open the solution once I downgraded the Service Studio to 10.0.910.0


You can have service studio version 10 and version 11 installed in same computer.

Then open with service studio version 10 your module.


Hi Balu, just a bit more detail. You need to ensure that your Studio version always matches the platform version that you are connecting to, it isn't on an individual solution basis but rather on the entire platform. 

If you like some of us have an enterprise platform on version 10 and your free personal platform on version 11 then you can have both Studio version 10 and 11 installed at the same time and just switch between them, but if you are only using one platform just install the Studio version that matches that platform version.