Display button at runtime

I'm having Resend OTP button on the screen once my OTP got expired after 2 minutes the resend OTP button has to be visible till that the button has to be hidden on the screen. How can i achieve this in web application and how to refresh the button automatically to make button visible after 2 mins or after certain amount of time. Guidance please..

Hi Saravanan,

You can use this component: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/2134/auto-refresh-utils

You can refresh your webscreen with this (or use JS to do the same). Than you need to implement your rules in the button visible properties:

Hope this can help you.

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Hello Aravanan,

To show or hide any widget, as you for sure now, you can use an IF in the screen with some condition, or the Display/Visible property of it (that can accept expressions).

To make this happens after some amount of time, you probably will have to insert a JavaScript in your code, that will change the visibility of your button, or call a screen action through clicking a hidden button/link that will ajax refresh the IF or the button, for example, or through the use of FakeNotify.


Hi Saravanan Santhanam

I think the following component great to resolved your problem:

To hide and show button you can use the following actions:

Hope this can help you.