Multilingual Translations


Currently I have developed a small POC for multilingual wherein admin can enter the translations for the labels(for ex: form).

What we actually do is we enter the translations for different static labels in the locale.But the requirement is admin needs to enter the labels on his own for different languages and store it in database. I have achieved this.

But my next requirement is if the label name for the particular language is not stored in the database then the label should be fetched from the locale(for the selected language).

I tried to do this but the platform gives priority to the locale first.

How can one give first preference to database stored labels and if not present then to the translations stored in the locale.

Help required!!!

Thank you!!!

Hi Priya,

Unfortunately, I'm not sure what you mean. Can you explain a bit more what you exactly did? In OutSystems, multi language is indeed static (i.e. design-time), and transparent to the developer. This has the downside that there's no way to access the translations in any way. So what did you already do, and what do you want in addition to that?