Integrating DLL, unknown input variable "This_Program"

Hello there, I need an action to run an .exe externally. I created the DLL and integrate it on the solution. The problem is that when any DLL is integrated, an input variable is created asking for an Object. Also the action when activated on outsystems they stop the program, the do not run past the action. Any knowledge on this matter? Thanks in advance.

Hi Jeckziel, 

You have to make sure you're passing the right input parameter into your extension method. When the generated extension method expects an object, but on the Outsystems side you have to define a proper structure. 



Hi Jeckziel,

Whenever we create an extension we need to define input and ouput parameter like string, int, list, object etc and same you need to send in the input from outsystems side.. Are you doing same and you can also return error message in the output so you are aware of the error message.

Please also  log error message in the extension which you can see in the service center.

Hello Jeckeziel,

I am not understanding what you have done.
Did you take the executable (.EXE) and converted it to a DLL?


Hello there, I converted an .exe to DLL class. The DLL accept the following parameters:

  • string printerName
  • string tray
  • string pathPDF
  • string executable
  • string fileNamePDF

It also returns a string. The whole point is to call an external program to print a PDF with specific parameters. The call is made via CMD. 

Outsystems -> Extension -> call to external EXE from CMD -> print PDF

Thanks in advance.