Hi Team,

It seems web Emulator is not working as aspected in OS11.

I have Created an applicating which is working fine in the real device but it is not showing the actual view in the emulator.

Is anyone facing the same issue



Hi Pankaj,

The title of your post says it's "not working", the text says "it is not showing the actual view", and the image shows something that looks like an emulated app. You'll need to provide more detail as to what goes wrong. Please explain what you expect to see, and what you're seeing instead.

Hi Kilian,

Thanks for the reply.

Let me explain 

Using simulator when I am switching to the mobile view(iPhone 6/7/8) it looks something like this.

but when I am just resizing the browser window it is working fine below is the screenshot.

Also when I am testing the same application with the real device I am getting the aspected result.

my question is why I am not getting the exact result in the outsystems emulator same as real device and after resizing the browser window.

Hope you will understand what I want to say.




I didn't find or face any issues like on OS-11,

Can you check the browser Zoom-in Settings, I mean that might be a case.


Hi Assif,

Thanks for the reply,

It is in 100% zoom.



I have the same issue


Why you want to use the outsystems emulator for web or reactive applications?

The emulator is ment for outsystems mobile apps.

For web applications, when you want to test responsiveness I suggest to use the dbrowsers eveloper tools and then toggle to the device toolbar