For some reason solution publish/deploy does not generate working _image.aspx

Tonight I did a server migration and upgraded from V10 to V11.

Everything appears to have gone smoothly except for the fact that some images do not appear to want to load.

I finally found a post where someone was having a similar issue way back in 2015 or about then, that simply republishing fixed the issue.

We have a tiered structure to our espaces were webblocks are used at multiple layers. If layer 1 is the bottom (database) and layer 5 is where the user enters the website, the images were pointing to _image.aspx on layers 2, 3, and 4.

I had to republish espaces with service studio from layers 2 3 and 4 after multiple solution publishes, and suddenly images started working without even republishing layer 5 of our application.

This should not happen, as there should be no reason to open an espace on a production server and publish with service studio.

Has anyone encountered this yet with 11? What is the work around?