[IdP Mobile] "Producer "InAppBrowserEvents" module definition is incompatible.

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Published on 20 Mar by Telmo Martins
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Published on 20 Mar by Telmo Martins

I'm trying out the idp mobile demo which has InAppBrowserEvents as a dependency. When i created an app for it on Android, installed, and opened it I get this message:

"Producer "InAppBrowserEvents" module definition is incompatible. Please update it."

I deleted the InAppBrowserEvents application and reinstalled it. I went into the idp mobile demo app and refreshed all the dependencies. I deleted the idp mobile app from my phone and reinstalled. Same message.

Does anyone know what the issue might be? I get the same message if I run it emulated in Chrome. 

Hi Brian,

Using IdP 4.0.0 and the latest IdPMobile (2.1.0)  and respective dependencies including InAppBrowserEvents I was able to successfully refresh all the dependencies, generate the APK and test it on an Android device.