Simple test using a parameter inside custom SQL query doesn't work

I have a query which selects projectId's from a table. This works well when I write the table name between brackets:
SELECT {Design}.[projectId] FROM {Design}

But when I use a parameter for table name I get strange results:

This works:
SELECT {Design}.[projectId] FROM {@actName}

This also works:
SELECT {@actName}.[projectId] FROM {Design}

But this doesn't work:
SELECT {@actName}.[projectId] FROM {@actName}

And of course I need the last one to work (because I want to keep the server action dynamic and have the table name as a parameter, because I have many more tables then only 'Design').

Am I doing something wrong ? And if it is a bug, what could be a way to circumvent the problem ?

Below is the error message I get (also see .oml test in attachment)


Hi Tom!

First, you need to turn Expand inline property from your input variable to "Yes".

Then, set your input variable like the image below

For the value "{Design}.[projectId]" i think you need to create another input variable and do the same thing. Set Expand inline to "Yes":

and then write your input variable value like "{Design}.[projectId]":



it works now! so simple, but I couldn't find a solution

thx for the quick reply :-)