Outsystems 11 - BUG with Drop Down inside a list

Hi all, 

Wondering how to solve this bug i'm seeing in Outsystems 11. Need some help.

We have a ListRecords object, and within the List we have a DropDown (the outsystems 11 dropdown widget, NOT a combo box)

When requering the aggregate and AJAX refreshing the list the following error shows on the first refresh only:

_osjs.js?11_0_118_0:5 TypeError: Cannot read property 'querySelector' of null
    at start (Dropdown.en.js?500:12)
    at Arguments.<anonymous> (Dropdown.en.js?500:68)
    at OsAjaxBackendXHR.OnAfterAjaxRequest (_osjs.js?11_0_118_0:65)
    at eval (eval at <anonymous> (_osjs.js?11_0_118_0:18), <anonymous>:2:15)
    at eval (<anonymous>)
    at _osjs.js?11_0_118_0:18
    at Function.globalEval (_osjs.js?11_0_118_0:18)
    at OsEvaluateUserJavaScript (_osjs.js?11_0_118_0:5)
    at OsExecuteJSONUpdate (_osjs.js?11_0_118_0:5)
    at OsExecuteNextJSONUpdate (_osjs.js?11_0_118_0:5)

Any help?



Hello Tom

Are you manipulating the list before the Ajax Refresh?



I had the same issue as well. The scenario occurs on the following scenario:

- First load of the page

- Manipulate a list

- Action with Ajax Submit


Please advise.