Aggregate joining across multiple databases...

I'm attempting to create an aggregate across databases.

I have used Integration to add a table from my legacy system. In OutSystems I have added an entity that may contain ancillary data about records in the legacy system. 

I plan to show a list of the joined records between these two systems but I cannot create the aggregate.

I get the following...

Invalid Aggregate
The 'Clients' Aggregate cannot join data from multiple databases. Change it to only use entities from a single database.

This appears to be caused by logical database name differing between the legacy table and the new entity. The legacy table logical name cannot be changed as it must match the database connection. Changing the entity logical name results in the systems inability to find that entity.

How can I create and use this relationship between these two entities?



Unfortunately it is not possible to perform a join between different DBs, what you can do is use the Dynamic Linq . Link