I am working on a mobile app which notifies a user of their tasks when they enter a building. So the app is continually looking for a local server which runs in the building (lets call it BuildingServer) and when it finds it, several messages are then sent to the mobile app.

As I am fairly new to Outsystems, I am not sure what components are available to help me doing this. I dont believe using REST or SOAP is a good idea as they are very heavy (in terms of what I need to do). I need something lightweight (like a web socket or similar) or be able to send a notification every few seconds and as soon as the server is detected then be able to exchange messages.

My server is running in Node.js, but I don't know how to get the mobile app talking to it. 

Does anybody know what is the best way of doing this and which components in Outsyetms allow me to do this?



Hi Mo,

Maybe you can try using https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/3312/websocket

The assumption of course is that the device where your outsystems mobile app runs is automatically connecting to the local wifi network, else your desired functionality can not be implemented.

You can also have a look at pusher:




Maybe it makes sense to have your nodejs server to 'talk' to your outsystems platform server on the background pushing all tasks to the outsystems server database.

From there you have following options:

  • implement pusher component
  • or access outsystems server database directly from the mobile app.



Hi Daniel,

Websocket module would have been ideal. I have tried it but because of lack of documentation I couldn't get it to work. See my notes here: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/42062/can-my-app-detect-a-server-using-websocket-component

I also looked at pusher and firebase, but I cant use them as the communication needs to stay local to the building as many dont have internet access. I am a little stuck and looking for alternative solutions.