great to be here...

it would be greater if installing the IDE on my Mac wasn't crapping out with a hexdump, and if someone would help me actually try your system!

Hi Rich,

I'm sorry to hear that the installation didn't succeed, but I take offence of your passive-aggresive wording. We are here to help you, but please stay polite.

Hello Rich.

Someone can assist you if you open a support ticket. If you are trying Outsystems, I guess it means you have a Personal Environment so support may take a few hours to get to you. Paying customers are first.

In the meanwhile, fell free to browse the forum looking for similar problems and if there are not, to ask in a polite manner. I only remember seeing problems executing Service Studio, I think you are the first with problems installing, so it may be related with your system configuration (never expected to say that about a Mac!).

But keep an open mind and remember it has some bugs. Ater all, it is still a Tech Preview launched so that Mac users can try Service Studio without using a Windows VM.

Have a great year!