Update existing web application on the fly with new content using API

Hi All,

I need to update an Outsystem application on the fly( generate model, forms, pages without using the Outsystem IDE. Is that possible?

For example in Mendix which is a competitor of Outsystem, there is an Api which allows you to generate content ofor some application on the fly using the api. What you have to do is to use their model structure and write Javascript code for everything (form, textbox, datagrid, pages, logic e.t.c) .Then when a request is send to this Api with the JS code, your application is updated without using the IDE, on the fly. 

Is this possible in OutSystem and if Yes, then how?

Thanks in advance

Hi, unfortunately, it's not possible. 

However, I would assume there's no need for such a feature. Deployment process and staging are done very well in Outsystems. You can use scaffolding and propagate your code in minutes. 

If for some reason you need to instantly change a prod app, there's a process described here in the article: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Managing_the_Applications_Lifecycle/Deploy_Applications/Apply_a_Hotfix 



No I think it is not possible, Mendix is interpreting the application model at runtime as far as I know, where as OutSystems generates a C# ASP.Net application when you do the 1 click publish.