Parse XML to recordList in Java


I am trying to write a simple extension to parse XML into Outsystems structures. The problem is that when I get to lists I am getting the following error: outsystems.nossoapconsumer.structures.STContactIdentifierIVOStructure cannot be cast to java.lang.Boolean
at outsystems.hubedition.runtimeplatform.db.OSList.readExternal(Unknown Source)
at outsystems.nossoapconsumer.recordlists.RLContactIdentifierIVORecordList.readExternal(

The problem is I cannot override the behavour if this method:

public void readExternal(ObjectInput in) throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException {

As it's the part of every (..)RecordList class. Do you have any hints how to fix this?


Hi Wojciech,

There are already some components in the Forge that do this (see for instance this one).

Have you tried to used it?


João Marques


Thanks, after some modifications this extension did the trick.

Hi Wojciech,

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