Hey all,

My personal env got updated to the new snazzy V11. All seems great. I think mobile apps running a little faster after a publish a few weeks ago. One thing I note, I am getting broken ref on the SilkUI, when I update the reference it tells me that I have two errors, both pertaining to some blocks containing Range Sliders telling me they are unknown.

If its been removed that would be a bit annoying as I had really integrated that element into an interface. Not the end of the world of course and I suspect I'll find a jQuery replacement somewhere. Before I start removing that element though, does anyone know if I'm just not understanding what's happening?


Hi Danny,

You have Range Sliders in OutsystemsUI. I never migrated anything from 10 to 11, but can you try to add dependency for this?

Hope this can help.



Thanks Ricardo!

I had created a test app and found the range slider just as you replied, and concluded that it hasn't gone anywhere just as you say. Looking at the referernces I note the blocks had been renamed to 'DEPRECIATED_RangeSliderABC' and the reference changed to the same minus the ABC (ABC being my name). Naturally the compiler simply couldn't find any such block.

I couldnt' rename or change that ref so just dragged in some new blocks and corrected all the parameters and its fine now.

Concerning the update - I got a message a few weeks ago that my personal env was down for maintenance and when it came back up it was V11, at least I think it is! I had to update my little apps as a few refs broke, a couple of lines of java were no longer allowed, I had to update the IDE software to V11. So pretty sure that happened. Obviously you know infinitely more than I do though, so perhaps some sort of event took place and I misinterpreted the various symptoms.

Anyway, thanks so much for getting back to me at lightening speed.

You're welcome!