After upgrade outsystem_11 my E-Space is empty

Hi Friends,

After upgrade Outsystem 11,my E-Space is empty. what are project i worked in Outsystem 10. That and all gone now. Please help me to retrieve that project file. 

Hello friend, probably all your stuff are still saved on platform 10. Check into your computer, you must have platform 10 and 11, and your stuff was saved in 10.

I recently upgraded my personal area, and my things continued normally, I did not miss anything.

Hi Sailesh,

How long didn't you used your personal environment? Because if you don't access it for long it will be recycle. When Outsystems does it an email is sent to you with all your work



Hi Sailesh,

First some terminology: the image you included shows that you don't have any Applications installed. An eSpace is a Module you can develop in Service Studio (as opposed to an Extension, which is a Module you can develop in Integration Studio). The Application overview screen is not an "eSpace".

Secondly, what happened is probably what Marcelo already wrote: you didn't access your Personal Environment for a long period of time, so OutSystems completely removed your PE, and sent you a link to download the Apps you had installed. If this is not the case, or you lost the link, you should contact OutSystems Support, so they can help you regain your Apps.