Display error when using SectionIndex

Hi. While following the Silk UI Exercise, I am getting an error when using a SectionIndex as described on step 3-x of the Silk UI Exercise for web applications. Please see the attached screenshot. I also uploaded my source.

HI Harley Dangan,

Try use this OutsystemsUIWeb component

Hope this can help. 


Tiago Queirós

Hi Tiago,

Thanks for the response. The only available SectionIndex is the one in the screenshot below. By the way I am using version 11. That's the only one that comes out when I search.



Hi Harley Dangan,

Step 1: you should download of the forge the outsystems UI Web component: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/4143/outsystems-ui-web/?Unfollow=False

Step 2: On service studio open the following window for comand ctrl+q and select sectionIndex

Hope this can help.

Give me feedback please.

Tiago Queirós