How to send HTML code to Word_FillMergeFields

I'm using  to Word_FillMergeFields to fill in a template and I need to show a checkbox ticked or not ticked.

I tried many things adding IF on the template, and nothing works :(

So I thought about sending the HTML <font face='Wingdings 2'>82</font>

But the text is sent and not translated. Now I'm trying anything and still can't make it work.


Hello Carolina, I do not know if I could understand your question right, but to render HTML in an Expression you have to put "escape content" property as No

Hi Heryck

I'm using the Office MergeFields action. I managed to make it work on a quick and dirty solution - but it works so it's fine :D

I send the corresponding value of the symbol (Wingdings 2) and on Word doc I defined the font explicitly.

Word doc with the MergeField