Hello Team,

I have Web block in my Form, in that Web block, I have an screen action to fill stars (hotel rating).

 I want know if it's possible as to mandatory.



Hi João,

You can always make a validation on your action, that will verify that something is filled or not in your web block using an event (notify on v10).

If something is filled, event is triggered on the WB, that will return a positive boolean, if empty will return a negative boolean. You can do what you want in the screen with that value.

Hope it helps.
Hugo Duarte

Hi João,

You can insert an OnNotify into the WebBlock, so the moment it is inserted on the screen, it will request a ScreenAction.



The objective was to follow this example but in my WB:

It's possible?

Hi João Barbado,

Your form input widget has a mandatory property that you can activate.

If you use an entity to hold the "Name" value, set that entity attribute as mandatory.

And you can also use your screen logic (as Hugo Duarte said) to validate if the name is present or valid, and show the feedback message.