When Will Legit Service Studio Mac Version Come Out?

Hi Outsystems fellas,

May I ask when the legit service studio Mac version will come out?

The current technical preview version is way too glitchy and got itself totally frozen after around 20min's running.

Thanks. Looking forward to the answer.

Hi Andy.

Have you reported that crash through Service Studio?

As you can imagine, the technical preview is the best available version. It is meant to collect feedback and specially to find the bugs. The number of Mac users is not very big, so it will take longer than the equivalent PC version to find everything (and the fixes are also below in the priority list).

Hey Andy,

We are aware of these glitches and freezes and we are currently investing significantly to solve this.

As Nuno was saying, please submit all the issues and crashes you have so that we can easily troubleshoot them and improve this version.

I'll come back to you as soon as I have news.