How to estimate a multi-platform app with the Sizing tool?

I'm trying to budget an App which needs to run in both Tablet and Mobile environments with the sizing tool.

Does anyone have an idea on how to estimate the effort of implementing the same app with two different layouts (one for each platform)?

Surely we can estimate mobile and then include X Dev Days until we double the dev time, but in reality the effort required to develop an entire app and the one necessary to refurbish just the front-end for the tablet version is not comparable. There must be a fairer and more realistic approach.



Hi João,

With the help of available templates in OutSystems, mobile app can be made as universal app. Which will work perfectly fine in tablets too.
So you can consider this approach as per your requirements.

What do you mean by Sizing tool? Can you please explain?

Palak Patel

Hi Palak,

Our customer requires a high-level Tablet and mobile versions of the app, we could indeed develop an universal app but in order to have everything nice and smooth on both platforms its imperative to follow a shared core module - 2 UI modules which will be very similar but each one being layout specific to its platform.

I'm referring to the general Outystems project sizing tool to estimate project budgets and its planning, here is an example in attachment.



Hi João Gonçalves,

It's possible to develop in OutSystems for both phone and tablet using responsive patterns. You can take a look here:

And when estimating a project effort, depends on several factors, and one of them is the team capacity. See some more information here: 

Hope this helps, cheers!