Hello all

I am using simplereportswithPDF component to download a webpage.

 I manage to put everything working but I faced a problem with margins, the download page has a blank space in the bottom and right side. I saw that this problem is solved by changing the https://wkhtmltopdf.org executables.

 I tried several packages and I noticed that the package Stable/MXE (sew below) solve the problem for the simplereportswithPDF example and other apps on the environment but in a specific app the download results in a blank page. I debug it and I saw that the preparation is correctly executed so that it is not the problem

Does anyone have an explanation why in the same environment, I have different behaviors in the applications? I can't find anything to justify that. The other pacages have the same behavior in all the apps but the margins are not ok.

Version 10

Hi Rita

Have you figured this out?

Please tell us if you're still having problems.


João Heleno

Hello João

I haven't found a solution, we decided to not use simple reports just pint the page directly with htmltopdf.