[Oracle connector] Call procedure with SYS_REFCURSOR out Variable

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Published on 2013-04-01 by Francisco Menezes
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Published on 2013-04-01 by Francisco Menezes

Hello !

I have a procedure with an SYS_REFCURSOR out parameter:

            --p_dashboard_type            IN Varchar2,
            p_heat_id            IN RELEASE_BILLETS.HEAT_ID%TYPE DEFAULT NULL,
            p_start_date            IN RELEASE_BILLETS.CAST_DATE%TYPE DEFAULT NULL,
            p_end_date            IN RELEASE_BILLETS.CAST_DATE%TYPE DEFAULT NULL,
            p_dashboard_cursor      OUT SYS_REFCURSOR,  <= THIS PARAMETER !
            p_return_cd              OUT NUMBER,
            p_err_msg                OUT VARCHAR2);

How do I use the OutputList parameter of the ExecuteSP Action?

I created the type ParametrosSaida, that is a GET_DASHBOARD_SUMMARY_OUTPUT Record List and include all OUT parameters: p_return_cd, p_err_msg and the cursor p_dashboard_cursor (including the columns of the cursor):

But when I try to call the procedure I get the error:

It seems that I am not creating the right type at Outsystems to match the cursor....

Can anyoune help me to configure the output parameters of this procedure?

Thank you !

The structure of "ParametrosSaida":